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Klean Athlete® Partners with Major League Baseball Players Association

First-of-its-Kind Partnership Designed to Optimize Nutritional Health and Well-Being of Players

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Klean Athlete is a line of daily nutritional supplements specifically created to provide a safe, effective foundation for living healthy, training smart and competing at your best.


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Fuel to Perform: Optimizing Nutrition for Athletic Performance - September 10th at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST
Dr. Victoria Coleman & Dr. Jim Weinstein

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The Clean Choice for Professional Athletes

Klean Athlete is the line of daily supplements that professional athletes trust to maintain their health, stay safe and remain compliant.

Official partner of the MLBPA

Take The Klean Oath

I am an athlete, and I am committed to reaching peak performance naturally.

I believe in smart training, healthy living and optimal nutrition. 

My results are mine, and mine alone. 

I am not just an athlete. I am a Klean Athlete.

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Offer your athletes a line of NSF Certified for Sport® nutritional supplements that support their healthy lifestyles and peak performance.