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Klean AthleteNutritional Supplements


Klean Omega ™

Formula: KA201900-60

Klean Athlete - Foundation

$34.20 MSRP
Training is intense. The harder athletes train, the more strain they place on their joints and muscles – including the heart and lungs. Klean Omega provides essential omega-3 fatty acids from clean, pure fish oil in triglyceride form. Formulated in a fish gelatin capsule, Klean Omega supports athletes’ cardiovascular, neurological and joint health needs to keep them strong all season long.

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(1) Reviews

Can you afford to eat salmon every night?

By Ian, Date 5/12/15

I can't! But I can still get the benefits of Omega 3s in one simple package. I notice a definite improvement in my recovery from hard workouts while I'm taking the Omega as part of my daily routine. Plus, no nasty fish burps!