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Klean-D ™ 5000 IU

Formula: KA200562-100

Klean Athlete - Foundation

$12.40 MSRP
Athletes need to train, no matter what: rain or shine, early mornings, late evenings, sore muscles, or low energy. Vitamin D may help to improve the quality, frequency and duration of training, and contribute to faster muscle recovery. Klean-D 5,000 IU contains natural vitamin D3, providing targeted support for athletes who train indoors or receive limited exposure to natural sunlight. Vitamin D supplementation may also help support athletes’ immune health, musculoskeletal strength and physical performance.

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Happy Pills

By Bryant, Date 5/11/15

I lived in Alaska while also working and training at night, Vitamin D is extremely important as I went 3 months without ever seeing the sun(really). Klean Athlete had the perfect supplement product ready and waiting to fit the bill!