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Klean Electrolytes ™

Formula: KA201390-120

Klean Athlete - Performance

$23.10 MSRP
Klean Electrolytes replenishes important minerals in the body during or after exercise. The loss of sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium can lead to fatigue, dehydration and muscle cramps. Klean Electrolytes capsule form makes it easy for an athlete to customize dosage to meet individual training and performance needs prior to, during and after exercise.

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(5) Reviews

Easy and Effective

By Joel, Date 5/23/15

I've been a serious cyclist for a little over a year. Prior to that I had only done a handful of mountain bike races while going to school in Colorado and not a lot of training. After that I became a marathon runner (5 marathons with a PR of 3:35 and countless half marathons with a PR of 1:31) and realized the consistent training it took to reach the goals. One major set-back I discovered from training is that I overheat very easily and therefore also sweat profusely in the heart rate zones where I spend the majority of the time for half marathons or mountain bike races. This heavy sweating also happens when I'm pushing very hard during my long base mileage training rides. I have used mostly OSMO and Skratch products, but after refilling my water bottles on rides over 3 hours, it doesn't make sense to carry ziplock bags with powder in them. I started using KLEAN electrolytes to replace all of those ziplock bags and just simply have a pouch with electrolyte pills. I've found this works wonderfully on longer rides where I have to refill water bottles, and even shorter rides where I don't feel like having so much build-up on my teeth from drinking powdered beverages vs plain water and supplements. I love how these products are not only certified higher than almost any other athletic supplements (higher than organic), so I've also had no GI tract issues with them, but just like other reviews I've seen, they don't make you belch at all, which is actually pretty unbelievable if you think about this. I have been using these with feed zone portables, and a critical difference between KLEAN and companies who claim to be organic (like Hammer Nutrition) is that they use appetite suppressors like soy lecithin, not allowing your body to tell you when you're hungry and essentially training your appetite to work for you on long rides. This can't be good for you. So in summary, I have found many more benefits for my electrolyte tablets being KLEAN electrolytes than the simple fact that they are convenient. I haven't cramped on a 6 hr ride in a long time, and I can push very hard at the end of the ride (180 sustained bpm HR for 20+ min) on some climbs without cramping. This may be due to better training, but that is significant regardless of the factors. My muscles are also less restless due to correct replenishment during exercise, and I sleep much better after my days with long workouts.

Keeps me from dehydrating!

By MANDY, Date 5/12/15

I love that I can take these in capsule form or actually open them up and put them in a water bottle. These saved me through all the long, hot, and humid days while I was training for Ironman Louisville. They also helped me have a great Ironman Louisville on what was the second hottest race in the history of the race.

Savior in a Capsule

By Timmy Samec, Date 5/12/15

I did my first full Iron-distance triathlon in 2013, to save you from reading a full race review, I hit the wall hard at mile 16 of the run because I hadn't replaced my electrolytes I lost throughout the day. Now having Klean Electrolytes, I have yet to have that same horrid feeling. Extremely convenient and easy to take even while on the go on the bike. I always supplement these with Klean Recovery after a really hard day and more often now that the summer is here in Pennsylvania! Definitely recommend Klean Electrolytes!!!!

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