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Klean AthleteNutritional Supplements


Klean Endurance ™

Formula: KA201245-90

Klean Athlete - Performance

$41.00 MSRP
Klean Endurance contains pure D-Ribose to support the natural process by which a body produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The naturally-occurring pentose sugar supports cardiovascular health, energy production and mitochondrial function. Available in a great-tasting chewable tablet, Klean Endurance offers a clinically proven method to help restore energy during exercise.

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(2) Reviews

Love these!

By Mandy Midgett, Date 5/12/15

I love these on my long runs! The energy combined with reminding me of a sweet tart is just perfect for the hot, humid days I face during long runs! They are awesome!


By Robert, Date 5/12/15

I expected a chalky taste, but these have a good flavor and go down smoothly. I used these every day at my team camp, along with the electrolyte capsules, and I never cramped, despite the long miles and the Tucson heat.